Computer Lab


Abbey Road Computer Lab


Abbey Road Christian Church offers free computer classes to the public through the computer lab. 


Classes last 1 to 1½  hours per week. Sessions are 4 to 6 weeks

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Classes Available


Basic Computer #100/101

Review/update keyboard skills. Basic computer terminology. Desktop. Open programs. Mouse skills. Set up email. Introduction to internet.

All About Email  #102

Forward/reply emails. Clean email. Change fonts. Spell check. Print. Disk clean-up. Opening attachments. Address book/contacts.

Connect The Dots #103

How to surf the world wide web (www). Understanding your browser. Search Engines. Home page. Group contacts.  Flash/travel drive. Making folders. Organizing your files. Attachments--how to open, send and save. Antivirus.


For those who want to forge ahead into additional and advanced areas.

Microsoft Word #105 (2007/2010/2013)

Use Microsoft Word processing program to create documents. Save/save as. Folders. Format text. Apply text effects. Create labels.

Excel #106 (2007/2010/2013)

Create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Enter data into a form. Prepare and format spreadsheet. Create charts. Utilize formulas.


Other topics offered by request, one or two sessions per class.


Digital Photography--Learn to download your pictures. Organize in folders. Send pictures via email.   

Genealogy/Ancestry Group--Meets 2 times per month.                                        

Store your Photos in Shutterfly--Make professional looking albums.

All About Antivirus Protection

Kindle--All about what it will do.

Travel Reservations


Make your own greeting cards

Facebook--How to Set It Up

All About Gmail